Information is the “lifeblood” of every organization. It has to be accurate, secure and readily available 24/7/365. System Downtime means loss of opportunity. Logis-Tech combines your needs and budget with our IT professionals and certified technicians, network engineers, database managers, programmers, systems analysts and help desk professionals to provide best-of-breed solutions and support.

LTi Computer Services is a full service Computer Technology Company offering Network Design and Support, Onsite and Remote Help Desk, Software, Database and Web Development Services and Computer Repair.

What Makes Us Different:

Logis-Tech's Computer Services and Repair Division was formed to serve civilian clients in Northern Virginia area in 2005. The vision is to provide Government IT industry experts to small and medium businesses to help build a robust business economy in the local Northern Virginia area. Our owners and senior staff believe in small business and decided to offer our extensive decades of expertise at rates comparable to competitor's fresh out of few weeks of training technicians. We remember the struggles with Computer Technology that small and medium sized businesses often face.


We take pride in our ability to provide all of our customers with products and services which not only meet their requirements, but provide the reliability and performance that cuts operating and maintenance costs and reduces equipment down time. 


We are committed to providing excellent solutions to our corporate clients as well as the casual home user. We treat all our clients, both big and small with respect and courtesy.


We believe strongly in pro-active management, as it is far less costly to prevent issues than to repair them.


Our IT staff that works on your systems is the same staff that works on ours. Not many IT companies trust their "field staff" with their own equipment, should you? Ask them.

Contact Us:

    9450 Innovation Dr,

        Manassas, VA 20110

   (800) 974-9771